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From the Qur’an

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25 September 2008 10:30

Bravo, Bongobongo!  Your posts are well reasoned and thought out.  that last one was even better!

It’s a shame that Jack’s eyes are so sealed by his faith that he can’t see the truth that’s right in front of him… What is that quote?

“There are none so blind as those who will not see!!”

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26 September 2008 15:53
bongobongo - 24 September 2008 05:38 PM

“...Do you want to think like a child?
Do you want to be hiding under the blankets of your bed,
afraid that terrors lie in wait for you?
Do you want to waste this life fearing an afterlife
that does not exist?
Can you convince yourself that you have,
in a billion-to-one shot,
found the one true dogma
that has ever blossomed on this earth?
This materialist never explains the actions of inanimate
things by imputing religious purposes,
such as retribution or reward.
Lighting never strikes the evil because they are evil.
Lighting strikes for the same reason every time.
This is the no-consolation,
unappealing side of true materialism.
Living without fantasies means no more imaginary joys,
no more imaginary flights from real pains.
But to lose a false consolation that obstructs true understanding is actually a benefit.
By surrendering superstition,
we amputate a dead limb that has no value.
By discovering new truths, we lay the foundation for future
discoveries that will be even more true and comprehensive.
By remembering that there is always more to learn,
we eliminate any possibility of reaching a final conclusion,
so we can never suffer boredom.
By knowing that to know all is simply a fantasy,
we are not troubled by despair over our limited understanding.
By accepting the limitations of our understanding,
we become conscious of how unlimited is the realm of the knowable.
By fully exploring what we can know, we are always thrilled
by the vast expanse of the unknown and the unknowable…”

Bongo, did you write that? If you could make it rhyme it’d be a Qur’an-beater.

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