Learning from Robots

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14 June 2008 14:55

In the June issue of Discover magazine there is an article about the latest research and study in the field of robotics.  (‘Deus ex Machina’ by Fred Hapgood). 

Notice how the following paragraph relates to our frequent discussions about religious parents programming their children:

“Embodiment allows us to avoid building in our human biases,” Bongard says.  “It lets the robot figure out itself what is appropriate for its own body.”

On the advantages of humanoid robots (besides, I take it, of being sexually attractive and adept) “You often need to see the expression on a person’s face to know how to take what he or she is saying, as we all know from our struggles with faceless e-mail.”  (the advantage of smileys?)

His closing paragraph:

“Whatever robotics does to the species, for better or worse, once robots take a human form, the old narratives about the mystery of our nature are likely to be transformed to their roots.  We may have to learn how to live with understanding ourselves.”


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