Observations: Christianity vs. Islam: Burleson-Shooter Debate

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15 June 2008 09:37

ROUND 1 - Round one goes to Burleson!

Synopsis: Both fighters circled the ring a few times gauging the depth of the opponent. Shooter danced and played to the crowd a bit with his links, which he most likely felt would intimidate his opponent. Burleson danced a bit back by throwing out his credentials. Both fighters threw a couple of jabs, no heavy blows, but all n all, this fight looks like its going to heat up. Burleson threw the best punch with his historical dates. Remains to be seen how Shooter will respond. Obviously, Shooter has no glass jaw and should come back with a furious combination of dates and factiods in round 2.

(Personal expectations are that the challenger, Burleson, who was itching for the fight, will be prepared and reserve his knockout blows for later rounds as several intellection traps will be set in the middle rounds!)