Why Don’t Bees Go to Heaven?

Ronnie Williams
Ronnie Williams
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19 June 2008 21:25

Hello Sam,

Please consider this a ‘message in a bottle’ from Australia—the state of Queensland in particular. As they say in the movies—“we’ve got a situation here!”

In defiance of the Australian constitution, government funded ($160,000,000) Pentecostal evangelists have been installed in a majority of Queensland’s supposedly secular public primary (elementary) and high schools along with ‘programs’ and Jesus boot camps run by Pentecostal/AOG churches including Australia’s dreaded Hill$ong church (currently invading the US via ‘Idol’). We are on a roller-coaster ride back to the dark ages.

This abominable scam is a leftover—or should that be a ‘rightover’—from our ex-prime minister John Howard’s (as you know, the world’s foremost suck and groupie to George Bush) last minute panic spree of pork barreling in a vain attempt to get re-elected. Fortunately, in November 2007, Howard was given the bum’s rush from Australian politics by the same winds of change we are sure will be blowing a gale this November in the US. However, we remain stuck with these outrageous, intelligence-challenging circumstances. A moralistic minority of deep-north (remember, we’re upside down) religious right loonies appear to be remote controlling the Queensland state government public education system.

A daily-growing number of appalled parents across the state are fighting back at our website:


Throughout this battle though, I have become weary of being told by sanctimonious psychotics that “those who don’t believe in ‘god’ don’t ‘believe’ in anything”, so I’ve written a rational anthem which marvels at evolution, exposes the discriminatory ‘speciesism’ built into most mainstream religious dogma while promoting the concept of paying ultimate respect (not interactively I hasten to add!) to the unfathomable infinite universe, while looking no further for ‘miracles’ than that of our consciousness—our very existence—temporary as it is. All of the stuff I rabbit about at my http://www.renaissanceofreason.com website.

The song is titled “Why Don’t Bees Go to Heaven?”. It’s at iTunes and Amazon MP3 among others and there’s a video clip at Vimeo:


iTunes earnings (if we get any!) from the song can go towards our Fourth R ‘fighting fund’.

Please, as they say in Australia, ‘have a gander’ at our little movie. We passionately have ‘faith’ in everything it conveys. It just happens to be profundity in a funny hat. Should you find it entertaining, please circulate and embed it freely while telling our sorry tale. Lunatics taking-over the asylum we can accept—usurping our public education system we can’t.

Keep up the good work—two of which are on my shelf!

All the Best,

Ronnie Williams

Oolon Colluphid
Oolon Colluphid
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08 July 2008 07:09

I’m not Sam, but I support your cause.  Don’t put up with that shite or it will take over.  That’s what it does.

I hope you have better luck than we’ve had here in the U.S.

Faith is the oil that lubricates the wheels of oligarchy.