multiculturalism & Islam keeping women under wraps - bumper stickers

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14 September 2008 01:56

On occasion I find that there’s some ideas that percolate on my back burner for a while, and that they eventually start loudly blowing the tea whistle.

Here’s what’s boiled up to the top recently:

An increased concern about Islam in America. Portland has a growing Islamic community and they appear to be keeping their women “under wraps” so to speak without being culturally challenged. And their female kids are kept this way as well. It’s not just a scarf. The whole deal runs deeper with them. It’s about fear and control. And my reference for this is not mere observation - it’s also from online research and personal talks with a guy who grew up in Jordan who I met with several times in Utah.

Women in Islam will sometimes have a scarf and yet also a tight pair of jeans. Then a few weeks later they’ll add a pillow thing off their belts to hide their rear ends. Also sometimes women will have a liberal looking scarf. And then later their head covering will be much more close in and conservative. Who is telling these women to cover up even more? And where’s the women’s groups? Why aren’t they up in arms?

It seems to me that multiculturalism is a near complete moral failure. It doesn’t stand up against oppression. It has no cajones when it comes to calling out abuse that comes in the guise of religion.

In other words I think there’s limits to how much a free society can condone in a polite politically correct way. Sometimes in my view it’s more important to be honest than nice - when it comes to matters of systematic oppression and abuse.

On Saturday in the early morning I created a couple of bumper stickers. I basically want the hipsters here to think twice about whether everything is relative and equal. I have many hippie tendencies myself, but since I’ve seen the dark side of religion I’m wary of condoning abuse for the sake of being nice.

Here’s the stickers I created:

Multiculturalism that appeases oppression is morally brankrupt

Islam keeps women under wraps - literally

I’m happy to share the graphic files if you want to print them at home.

I’m very much in favor of having Monty Python Life of Brian style movies about all conservative religion, not just Christianity - and having the cajones and moral fortitude to back up our right to laugh about the ridiculous, crazy, and abusive nature of all conservative religion. Some not so nice things are going on in the world relative to the freedom of expression and the freedom to critique. And all this doesn’t condone war. But it should condone being willing to offend some people if it means standing up for the right to fight against oppression using rhetoric and humor.

The images I put up in connection with my stickers came from the film Submission - the film Theo Van Gogh was killed for.

And my related personal web site is here:

I left Mormonism and my journey out of it has made me more attuned to dishonesty and abuse. Also my own site is more open about normally more private matters. Some of us left conservative religion for very non-intellectual reasons. The violations we endured as kids have caused us to be just a bit more frank and forward about deeper issues than other people tend to be.

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