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13 November 2008 10:43

‘THE INSIDER’ - feature film on DVD.  Al Pacino, Russel Crowe, Christopher Plummer as Mike Wallace. 

This film centers on ‘Big Tobacco’ - the perjury of its CEO’s, the death threats against a scientist (Crowe) who had worked for them and knew what they were doing.  Should he keep his family safe or blow the whistle?

This was what, 10 years ago on CBS’s ‘60 Minutes’?  For me, it brought to mind another scenario - ‘Big Auto’ - presently in Washington threatening to go belly-up if the government doesn’t bail them out.  Billions of taxpayer dollars to do what?  Continue to make gas guzzlers and pay their CEO’s $10 million dollar bonuses? 

Their advertisments, in the magazines and on primetime as we speak, continue to encourage and appeal to humanity’s weaknesses and damaging habits - like Big Tobacco.  It’s now all but certain that global warming will lead to the misery and death of millions - and Big Auto wants you to help accomplish this. 

Have you seen the current ads for JEEP?  Yahoos in their Desert Fox goggles whooping with thrill-ride pleasure as they tear over wilderness dunes.  Discover FUN again!  Probably they had a board meeting to decide whether or not to mount a machine gun in the back.