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21 January 2006 13:59

I have inherited a ton of very old books, literally maybe more like 2 tons.

Just thought it was interesting, considering the date.

Reading the entire volume again, this is just the last paragraph and summary.

As to the issue of the coming conflict, can anyone be in doubt?  Whatever is resting on fiction and fraud will be overthrown.
Institutions that organize impostures and spread delusions must show what right they have to exist.  Fatih must render an account of herself to Reason.  Mysteries must give place to facts.  Religion must relinquish that imperious, that domineering postion whioh she has so long maintained against Science.  There must be absolute freedom of thought.  The ecclesiastic must learn to keep himself within the domain he has chosen, and cease to tyrannize over the philosopher, who, conscious of his own strength and the purity of his motives, will bear such interference no longer.  What was written by Esdras near the willow-fringed rivers of Babylon, more that twenty-three centuries ago, still holds good: "As for Truth it endureth and is always strong; it liveth and conquereth for evermore"

The International Science Series Volume XII
History of The Conflict between Religion and Science.
John William Draper, M.D. LL.D.

Copyright 1874

3-D Scrabble
3-D Scrabble
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21 January 2006 14:23

Truth is timeless.