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Universal Core Values

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30 January 2009 19:57

Omar is mocking you Pix,

“If only I controlled God’s universe
Would I not tear down these faulty heavens
And build from nothing a true paradise
Where all souls could achieve their heart’s desire.

“Since no voice here can promise you tommorrow
Content yourself my mortal Moon
With bowls emptied by moonlight—some fine night
The Moon may search the world for us and find us gone.”

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30 January 2009 20:49
Pixidis - 30 January 2009 09:12 PM

Does the average person know that quantum mechanics clearly revealed that the human mind is somehow connected to the way energy—the very building block of the entire cosmos—manifests in spacetime? That was discovered nearly 100 years ago now. Don’t you think that little gem of liberating wisdom might be critical for every person on the planet to know?

Does the average pixienewagebear know that the atomic theory clearlty reveals that the human mind is connected to the electrons that are part of the atoms that forms the brain?

If the answer is crystals, vibrations or energy please proceed with the experiment of inserting an elecetrode into each ear and plug into a wall socket while standing in a barrel of spam.

Any postlife existence you do not experience due to your brain being deep fried ought to be sufficient evidence of the universal continuation of electrons as opposed to the permanent non existance of your mind.

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