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15 January 2005 15:12

Let he who is without fault cast the first stone!

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16 January 2005 12:32

Lawrence, as usual, excellent example.

I’ll start:

1) When you say “Let,” do you mean get out of the way, or don’t hinder?  Or must everyone that qualifies do as you suggest (command/joke/rhetorically postulate)?

2) So women “with fault” may “cast” the “first” “stone”?  Or do they need to be “without fault” too?  If a woman is “with fault” is this like being “with child” or being “with a man”?

3) By “is,” do you mean something like “possesses certain attributes,” or actually “is” “without fault,” as in a proper name or something?  (Paging, Mr. Fault, Mr. Without Fault, please report to the baggage claim area)

4) What is a “fault”?  If not a region under the earth’s surface where two or more tectonic plates come together, what are you referring to?  If an imperfection is your intention, how is this judged?  Is marble imperfect because it is “marbled”?  Are freckles a mark of imperfection?  Grey hair?  Baldness?  String noise?

5) I take it that “cast” means to throw an object (like a “stone”) from the hand at a target, not create a piece of pottery, or lure a fish home for dinner.  Is this correct?

6) Which stone is the “first”?  Does this make a difference in your directive?

7) Does it have to be a “stone”?  Could I “cast” a half-brick? or maybe a handful of pebbles?  Will concrete or hard mud suffice?


So, if I understand you rightly, you are saying “women are perfect, except they can’t throw very well, and even if they could, they aren’t observant enough?”

No, that’s not it.  You mean “Don’t get in the younger, not the elder, Mr. Fault’s line because he has a Ceramics 101 class to lead.”

Wait, “Women need to mold the original marijuana experience?”

Or how about, “those of us menfolk living in an area without earthquakes should fish the lake bottoms at dawn?”

I give up.