Serpent Seed Doctrine, British Isreal theory and Fairies

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16 January 2005 14:16

Yes all that stuff very funny until I realise that some people actually take it seriously. I'm also deadly serious about posting this- pentecostal or charasmatic movements are becoming more like pagan/ bible based cults (in my opinion) yet they call themselves "christian's". I'm not sure if this is the right portion of the forum to post this but I feel it's relevant to the basic issue of Christianity.

That Christianity is fluid and open to varieties of 'other' theories and perhaps encourages 'superstition'.  Its not just about faith but alliance to race. Pardon me but I'm shocked and pissed off that small suburban churches could be worse than the white supremistists groups lead by David whathisface.

The and BI apparently are somewhat connected but I didn't know anything about the fairies and celtic myth.

Here's a quote from another forum which I'm curious about (Brett is a pastor and this was written by his wife) :-
"In Dec1999 Brett was getting ready to do a series of BI talks. He was preparing a talk when he decided to look up a reference "Today, Tomorrow and the Great Beyond" (TTatGB) made to Josephus. Josephus said the 10 tribes were beyond Euphrates. It hit Brett very hard. Josepus KNEW where they were. They weren't lost at all. They were east of Palestine, beyond Euphrates. At that time the Anglo-Saxons were in NW Europe.

Then he saw James 1:1 To the 12 tribes. James knew where they were. Matthew 10:6 Jesus sent the 12 to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Brett showed me what he'd found. I honestly didn't know what he was talking about. He made a comment about Josephus saying Magog was the Scythians. That's when the penny dropped for me. John Fox said the Scythians were the ancestors of the Anglo-Saxons. We downloaded Herodotus and compared it to the quotes in TTatGB. It was an outright twist. TTatGB gives the impression that the Scythians had existed as a nation for 1000 years (like Israel) and because they didn't breed pigs they kept the food laws. Both these quotes exist in Herodotus. BUT Herodotus spoke of their first king Tagitaus and their history - which is TOTALLY unrelated to Israel in the same paragraph. And the next sentence after Herodotus said they didn't breed pigs he said they drank human blood, used skulls for drinking cups…

Basically we saw that "Today, Tomorrow and the Great Beyond" was completely unreliable and twisted and distorted history. Brett spoke to some brothers here. One didn't believe Brett and decided to do some research on his own. He looked up Tuatha de Danaan (the so-called tribe of Dan) in Encarta. In Celtic myth Tuatha de Danaan were the faeries who first inhabited Ireland. Then went underground. It got worse and worse. I looked up some of the names on the geaneological chart supposedly tracing Queen Elizabeth to David and discovered Aeneas and Anchises. What the chart failed to mention was Anchises was married to Venus, goddess of love. I cried when I read that."

Does anyone know anything about any of it. Personally I don't see how taking into account Celtic myth is of any comfort to finding out or unopening the belief in the British Isreal theory which is one of the basic tennets of the group I'm concerned with.  Realising it's connected to Edom doctrine would have been enough for me but I get the impression member's don't question it?

Does it make any sense to anyone?

Also I'd like to know whether anyone is aware of this kind of trash being taught by christian churches?



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16 January 2005 17:49

Some humans seem to enjoy sowing the seeds of disinformation.

There seems to be only one purpose for doing so and that is an attempt at social control of an individual or a group of individuals.

The questions I have been trying to answer is:

Why are humans so susceptible to any type of fantasy that removes them from the reality of the environment they inhabit?

What is the ‘flaw’ in the mind/soul/heart/spirit of humans that causes them to accept fantasy as reality?

How do you gain the attention of those buried in fantasy and awaken them to cultural or social flaws of the group to which they adhere?

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16 January 2005 18:57

Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater Lawrence.

What you consider a flaw could also be the source of our creativity, on all matters, including science.

Blind adherance to dogma is the issue, the creators of the dogma possibly no different from any artist, poet, musician or other inspired visionary.