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20 March 2009 06:37

this morning. I am reading ‘The Portable Atheist’ arranged and edited by Hitchens. 47 essays and 480 pages from great thinkers from Lucretious to Dawkins. Among these is a little 12 page piece by the late great Carl Sagan. He gave this commentary at something called the Gifford Lectures in the late 80’s. In this simple 12 pages, called The God Hypothesis’ Sagan runs the gauntlet of dispelling the notions of the great arguments for God. One by one, he goes very simply and very eloquently through the arguments from cosmology, design, morality, ontology, consciousness, and personal experience. You are left wondering how a man can do this so effortlessly and convincingly.

This is one of those simple and short works that all christians should read. It most probably will not convince the truly devout, but anybody with just a shred of curiosity could have their worldview and life changed by these 12 pages.

What a brilliant man and great communicator Sagan truly was.

I miss him.

Free thinkers, this is a wonderful book by the way, and one that should be added to your reading list and library.