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Pathology of Religion “Religion Compulsive Disorder”

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09 September 2009 08:09

I have read many commentaries on this filter that many Americans use before they can make a decision on any subject.  I call it the God Strainer.

I remember the Birch Society ranting and raving about the fears of Communism and we must stop the infiltration of any information given to our children. When I decided to allow my girls to choose their own universities my mother had a fit when the older girl chose University of California at Santa Cruz and the younger Berkeley.  Mother was convinced they would come home card-carrying Communists. 

This rebirth of the Birch Society is back in full force and they refuse to accept any information from schools that is not found in the Bible or the Book of Mormon. 

I carry a small strainer in my purse and will put it out when in company so I can demonstrate how affective this is to believers. 

These people see evil in the eyes and presence of a black President.  I get this a lot here in my community with people unable to make eye contact with me for fear of being contaminated by a godless witch.  The dark ages are back in full force and unless we get through to the next generation it will permeate into more generations of ignorance. 

Christians and Jews are terrified of being forced to admit they do not believe in any God.  We need the next generation to proudly admit it is nothing but a conspiracy.  Until then the religious right will take us back to the time of the Inquisitions so they can kill in the name of their God.  Look how many of these people are proudly showing their weapons in public.  It will not take much to set them off. 

Armageddon will be self inflicted by the religious right and the rest of us had better get our estates together.  I knew in 2000 when Bush ran and won on the faith based grants to the churches that this horror of hell and damnation would grow like a Californis wild fire and even I underestimated this ridiculous group of fools.

I don’t know how we can cut through this conspiracy.  I have tried for 50 years and I’m old and tired of fighting.

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