I Shalt What?

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05 February 2006 08:21


I was dragged here by a brother.

And now here I am, amongst the heretics and ingrates, one or both of which I am.

Having once been called the embodiment of Satan, and believing indeed that in the eyes of THAT beholder I could aspire to no more, I know the truth.

Having once stood before a closet door and constructed the words to Comfortably Numb in strips of duct tape, I know the truth.

Having simply opened my eyes to the OBVIOUS truths of existence and religion, I know those truths.

Having reasoned that begging a god for his own will, and then having no choice but to thank it for whatever happens is a complete waste of time, I know MY truths.

And then I have this question: I Shalt What?

I have not read Harris's book, though I intend to, I come here in search of HEAT. I want FIRE and EMOTION and REAL FAITH.

If you intend to discuss with me, be ready, be educated, be smart, be fair.

Oh, and one other thing. Fear actually means fear.

I can't wait to dive in! See you all soon…