Hand of god rock wall..

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26 April 2009 14:50

It’s in some dude’s backyard in Idaho, and he’s auctioning it off on ebay.

The Q&A with the seller is priceless:


Here’s the seller’s description of how the “hand” appeared:

I was struggling with life, faith and my role in both.  As I do every night I pray for guidance from the hand of God and to please keep me on the path the Lord has set me on.  Sunday morning the second Sunday of Lent I received a magnificent sign from God that His hand is indeed guiding me and to not let my Faith falter.

In the early morning while we slept the Lord moved rock from a fairly solid section of the rock wall in my backyard to make known his guiding hand.  Now I have a sign of the Hand of God to strengthen, fortify and sustain my faith.  My faith is strong but my mind and body are weak; the Lords hand strengthens me.

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26 April 2009 20:05

More like he has faith that the Lords hand will strengthen his wallet. The link says it has been removed, so it looks like god took back his hand…..

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27 April 2009 12:16

More likely shipping costs proved prohibitive.

There’s a koan for you:

How much does it cost to ship God’s hand?

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27 April 2009 12:33


“I prayed between licking my wounds and looking for a job,” he said. “We rarely get rockfalls and this formation is 20 feet from my house. It’s definitely a symbol of the hand of God in my life.”

However, the winning bidder on eBay should not start clearing out his backyard. Grayhek is not planning to part with the formation.

The buyer will “basically be buying the rights, complete and exclusive rights” to the rock, including literary and movie rights, according to Grayhek.

Grayhek said he plans to use the money from the sale to pursue an unpaid internship in counseling when he graduates with a master’s degree in social work in two years.

“People think I’m some holier-than-thou person trying to get rich. I’m not,” Grayhek said. “The purpose is to spread the story of God and eBay is just a vehicle.”

That is very magnanimous of him. EBay is the new vehicle for proselytizing social workers.  I wonder if I can bid a box of cracker jacks. There is no prize at the bottom; but he can pick popcorn out of his teeth for amusement. When does the movie come out? That should be a real cliffhanger.

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27 April 2009 13:44

Looks more like the top of a Yucca tree to me anyway. What hand?

Lapin Diabolique
Lapin Diabolique
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27 April 2009 13:58
Jefe - 27 April 2009 05:46 PM

That clearly represents the slightly elongated digits of a Pan Paniscus and is obviously a sign to start paying more attention to Evolutionary Biology.

Either that or it really is the hand of the Almighty.
However, what is being communicated here isn’t clear.
My guess is that Yahweh is actually an African-American woman with a sassy attitude and She is fed up with having to hear the banal mutterings and the pleas for petty favors, all the live-long day.

So this be Her way of saying…‘Talk to the hand…....’