Revision of History

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07 February 2006 06:28

It is curious that a lot of what has happened in religious history has gotten short sheeted lately. I refer to many astounding revelations pertaining to the actual history that the christian bible has contained within its pages. Being a "Buff" I can tell you with some certainty(scientifically provable) that the self same bible that christians puport as fact is in reality a poorly rewritten history that covers many indescretions perpetrated by the Hibiru(Jews).
A brief list of current facts that have recently come to light:
    Moses was really Akenanten
    Solomon was married to an Egyptian woman and her burial tomb is in Jerusalem.
    The Jewish faith is a derivative of many ancient traditions passed on by the Babylonian, Urs, Oriental East, and "mystical" colleges.
    What happened that froze these ever changing beliefs into dogma and established the Jewish people as a Nation?
Reading the bible from an historical perspective is admittedly a dry pretense but it has opened my eyes to the influence of mankind on his disheveled religious practices.
For those of you reading this line of inquiry for the first time, I must let you know that this is "fringe" information. What I mean by this term is that although it is widely accepted as "accurate" it has by no means been given the good for society approval stamp. Thus, it is information that is floating around the collective as an orphan. Many of the writers that I refer to in my opinion are scoffed at for such preposterous admissions but are secretly admired for standing by their convictions. This gives rise to the sentiment that as long as the establishment has power over the general discourse of human events it is most likely to shade all current trends to favor their postulations.
How can we progress as long as so many are wittingly going along with the most repeated assertions of the elite few who have been "annointed" to disseminate such information?
This post is merely an attempt to get the ball rolling so to speak and I hope it adds to the discourse of growing opinion that man most definitely has a say in what is ultimately his "destiny".
I look forward to "hearing" the reactions to my post and welcome and encourage any "reasonble" response to my most humble mullings. :idea: