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EU Apologizes &amp; Rebukes Danes

Thomas Orr
Thomas Orr
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19 February 2006 12:44

[quote author=“lorenzium”]That’s just given me a splendid idea. How about we organise mass demonstrations around the world holding up placards deploring the Muslims’ violence and killing. We can hold up placards refuting Islam and answering all the stupid placards they’ve shoved in our faces the last few weeks about the West and freedom.

If they organise mass rallies over ridiculous cartoons and continuously mock our civilisation, we have more justification to stage rallies over their murder, bloodshed, looting and destruction of property and mock the “freedom” of their civilisation.

And to show how better our civilisation really is, not one Muslim should be hurt and not one piece of property destroyed. I wonder if we can do it? If some are afraid of reprisals then cover your faces like they do. Or like this coward in particular. [His sign is quoting the Qur’anic verse: “Muhammad and those who believe along with him are severe against the disbelievers and merciful amongst themselves.” 48:29]

Worldwide protests against Muslim violence would put the world spotlight right on their belief system and could carry the added benefit of putting doubt into the hearts of milions of believers. It’s time they wake up to the world.

What do people here think?

Demonstrations around the world would be nice but I think we are too lazy. Two ideas that might work.

1. Pressure our government so they pressure Musharaf to arrest the cleric.

2. Sue the cleric in the court in New York for $100,000.00


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