Why New Testament authors made Jesus into an alien

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11 June 2009 12:44

If you read Mathew 5:38-48 it will be clear to you that fundamentalist Christians do not like Jesus’ teachings.  In fact, such teachings are anathema to them - they hate them and consider them treasonable.

Christians are like magicians when it comes to their savior’s teachings.  With one hand they do something distracting to draw your attention - for example, opposing gay marriage, or defending the rights of blastulas, or demanding that fairy tales be taught in public schools instead of science.  With the other hand they perform their trick, which is to drop the ace of spades, that is, Jesus’ most astonishing teaching, into oblivion.  Gone!  See?  My hand is empty.

In short, Christians, (George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and a host of others come to mind) hate their enemies and long to harm them just like pre-Christian pagans, or Old Testament adherants with their eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth.  Christians hate their enemies just like 99.999 percent of humanity - atheist, pagan, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist - you name it.

Science fiction writers have imagined peaceful aliens who are incapable of harming others.  Is that why the first people to tell the story of Jesus made him into an alien?  Is that why Christians insist that their savior is a creature with no human father - a creature who can command storms to be still - a creature who can come back to life after being killed and entombed?  Right!  Certainly not one of us!

We strike back like the animals if someone tries to harm us or our loved ones.  Turn the other cheek?  What are you?  Chicken?  Help the enemy?  What are you, a traitor?  Hey!  Go to some other planet with your alien nonsense! This is planet Earth - red in tooth and claw!  Let’s get down to real issues like discriminating against gays, defending blastulas, and teaching mythology instead of science!

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11 June 2009 13:10

Hard to figure eh US? The prince of peace adored by contemporary warmongers.

I have throughout my entire life noticed how born again christians seem to cherry pick passages out of the OT to validate and justify their bigotry and wars. They seem quite able to cast their prince of peace messiah aside when it is time to do so. What a twisted, hypocritical mindset.

It at times appears very true that the only difference between Dick Cheney or George W Bush and Osama Bin Laden is where they were born and raised.

Absolutists and zealots are just that, no matter what religion and where they are from.