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23 March 2006 07:16

OK, perhap I am just stupid, but why do Muslims never answer any questions clearly?

Whenever fairly simple questions are asked of Muslims why do I always get two pages of poorly written waffle as a reply (usually cut and paste jobs) ?

On the other hand answers by atheists seems to be clearer, shorter and and much more easy to understand.

Is it that atheists are better at writing English than Muslims?

Is it that the Muslims do not have any clear response to the questions we pose and so have to respond wtih waffle in the hope of boring us to death?

Is is that clarity in what you write is not something Allah, the creator of the universe, was able to do in his Koran? So Muslims follow his example.  For example, when he says "the sun sets in a muddy pool" I would have have thought that that what he meant by that was "the sun sets in a muddy pool", in fact, according to Muslims, he wasn't clear on that point and meant something different.

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16 May 2006 17:38

This could be a possible reason

please note the following from the article:
  (Microcephaly is more prevalent in Asian nations from Jordan to India, where arranged marriages between relatives are common.)

..or maybe reason and logic are absolute and anything anathema to them are just plain indefensible and consequently they can’t come up with a cogent reply to a straight forward logical question.

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17 May 2006 03:01

[quote author=“MikeYoung”]OK, perhap I am just stupid, but why do Muslims never answer any questions clearly?

I honestly think it is cultural.  Based on what I have read, and from dealing over the years with many people in and from the middle east, I think that the Islamic mentality is less obsessed with precision than the more scientifically oriented Western mind.  This is a topic that deserves more study.