Multiculturalism in the U.K.

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29 March 2006 18:35

Hello all from a new user…

Am reading EoF as I is the Mrs. (even more antitheistic as myself). Should've bought 2 copies. Saw Sam H on TV in USA - never heard more sense come from one person in such a short time.

'Faith Schools' in the news in the UK @the moment. Did any UK (or net?) viewers see this?

Interesting if only for the (engineered?) split in the audience as well as the conclusion. Hopefully they'll post a transcript.

Good to see intelligent & lively debate still alive & well.

P x

Conservative Atheist
Conservative Atheist
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30 March 2006 01:43

Welcome pjs67!

I would very much like to see the transcript of such a debate and (more importantly) a similar debate here in the US…....especially in Southern California.

Today, much of our misguided (and very politically correct) public policy has the unintended consequence of ensuring the segmentation of society into self-perpetuating islands of culturally isolated communities.

For example, we do not require that our schools teach children in English so that they can ultimately be assimilated into society.  Rather we offer “bilingual” education that effectively handicaps these kids for life and ensures that they will be trapped in an underachieving culture as adults.

Today, people can be born, raised, live and die in the barrios of Southern California without ever learning English and without ever having the chance to take advantage of the incredible educational and economic opportunities that America offers to its other citizens.