Review in "Free Inquiry"

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05 February 2005 03:00

Editor Tom Flynn's mixed review of Mr. Harris' book tends mostly to criticize Mr. Harris' choice of words in dealing with topics relating to a more rational basis for "mysticism" or "spirituality".  It seems to me to be quibbling to criticize the book merely for using terms the reader may misunderstand.  Any relatively close reading of the book will reveal what Mr. Harris is really trying to say.  There are other criticisms offered, such as a thumbs-down on what is characterized as Mr. Harris' "implicit Zionism"; his views on Noam Chomsky; his views on "collateral damage" in war and on "torture warrants".  These are more substantive issues, it seems to me, and there may be some value in pursuing these criticisms here, if anyone is interested, and if we can avoid shouting.  smile