Thank you Mr. Harris

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06 February 2005 04:14

I just wanted to leave a thank you.  I'm 24 years old, and I have been raised Lutheran christian.  Monday through Friday I attended school where I learned math and science, and how to act on reason and fact.  Then Sunday came around and I was shipped off to church where I was told to act on faith, which has reason, but requires making decisions based on no fact what so ever.  What has always baffled me is how quickly people can believe these things, without some kind of proof that is required of us in most things in our life. 

I can say now that I do not believe in a specific faith, I find that all religion has a good moral ground, but is faith required to have good morals?  I do not think so, I believe that faith does good in peoples lives, it helps some people, yet so many are willing to throw reason out the window for faith, and force their belief system onto other people.

I have gotten a little off track and I could go on about this for a long time without having any kind of cohesion, I do not write well enough to do so.  My point is though, what you have written in your book is what I have thought but never been able to put in to words so well.  I wanted to thank you for that, and when I find myself in a discussion about such topics I can now put into words the ideas I have always believed in.

Thank you for your book Sam

Andrew Lambrecht