Forum Surfing

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07 April 2006 03:00

I'm curious what kinds of strategies people use to forum surf. I'm curious about it because I usually open up all the forums in which I participate and leave them up in the background while I'm online, perdiodically checking for activity (that means all day most M-Fs from ~7:00am to ~3:30pm while I'm at work, random for evenings and on weekends). The thing is, from what I can tell I'm usually the only one (or one of a few, maybe) who appears all day under "Who Is Online."

So, what method do you use to check up on the forums in which you partcipate?


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07 April 2006 08:08


Hi Byron,

First and foremost, I rely on the link at the top right of the main forum list, labeled “View posts since last visit”... which keeps me from having to hunt down topics I was following. It will also include brand new topics that have posted since my last visit. Most boards have this, so that’s the page I bookmark. Much quicker.