The Secret of Olyphant

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10 August 2010 15:56

The Secret of Olyphant. Where science meets religion. The greatest, the most incredible, the most shocking, and the most censored theory/story in world history. First of all I challenge all of you atheists to prove me wrong. So far no one has accomplished this. Censored by the establishment who are enemies of the truth. The story they do not want you to know. Olyphant Pa. the most mysterious town in world history. The town with an incredible hidden world that no one knew about and where the answers to the great mysteries can be found. Olyphant is designed after ancient Egypt but the great mystery is that no one knew about it. Who created Olyphant? For instance there is a giant sphinx in Olyphant 5mi long and no one knew it. Olyphant means the secret of the gods. The secret of the pyramids and the ufos can be found in Olyphant. The basic secret of the pyramids is that God created every natural thing from Pyramids of Light and that you do not actually die but live forever and that you have a soul. Our researchers have discovered a door or portal in Olyphant that leads into another world or dimension and then to God and is being used by ufos. We have the compelling scientific evidence. The spirit of Houdini is all over Olyphant. For more info go in general to google and punch in secret of olyphant. For these great stories, the secrets of Jesus Chriet who is God. Einsteins Unified Field Theory, Major hypothesis of the theory, How to walk thru a wall, Houdini and Olyphant and others go to google and punch in newspapers york pa. and then go to the york daily record and then to the forum and then to faith, values and religion and on pages 2 and 3 there is about 10 messages about olyphant. To see the great pyramid the giant sphinx and other fantastic mysteries go to google and punch in secret of olyphant and then go to olyphant mystery. also google my name john peruka to see the proofs of my theory. Olyphant a town of incredible magic and mystery, a town frozen in Egyptian time, a town trapped in the twilight zone.  Olyphant and another world. Olyphant and Orion. Secret knowledge from another world. Thank you. Who created Olyphant?