The Spaceship Theory

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03 April 2011 03:42

There is a spaceship in orbit high above the Earth.  The extraterrestrial life on board this ship is far more intellectually and technologically superior to us human beings.  To them, we are still very primitive in all aspects of our existence.  To them, we are still in the cradle of our civilisation.  These beings watch our every move and record our every development meticulously.  They have been doing this for thousands of years.  Our technology has not yet developed to the point that we can detect their presence high above the earth.  Their technology shields their ship from our prying eyes.  However, at times and unknown to these extraterrestrials, we human beings can hear their communications when we turn on our hairdryers.  We just do not realise it.

When asked to produce evidence to back up this claim that we are being watched by extraterrestrials, we are told that the promoters of this belief simply dismiss any attempt to produce any evidence whatsoever to backup their claim, instead they state that one just needs to believe…to have faith in what they say, to simply believe them…

Yet if people think that the belief mentioned above is absurd, and too far fetched even to consider it as potentially true, then we need to consider other absurdities that billions of people throughout the world believe.  One those absurdities is the concept of an omnipotent, omniscient supernatural being, who created this world (in only six days) as well as the stars and who watches over us like a caring, gentle father that is ready to reward us if we are good and punish us if we are not. Another absurdity is that this almighty being sent his only begotten son to suffer a terrible death in a vain attempt to save mankind from ways of evil.  What’s more ludicrous about this story is that he was born to a virgin and that he walked on water, healed the sick and brought someone back to life with his supernatural powers, he even rose from the dead and his mother (according to the Roman Catholic Church) was bodily spirited up to heaven.  The sad thing about the spaceship belief is that if just a handful of people believed it. The rest of society would see them as cranks, people that are in desperate need to see a psychiatrist. Yet if a million people believed it, it would become a new religion and its followers would demand, and be granted respect for their beliefs.
Delusions and absurdities are still delusions and absurdities regardless how many people believe in them!
So why do people believe so deeply in religious dogma?  Is it that they were simply brainwashed by their religious parents and community, or are they afraid of death and need some sort of comfy blanky to hold onto to ease their fears.  Do they believe because they can’t accept that this life is all they have, and that they will never be reunited with loved ones who have left this mortal plain before them?  Or is it all of the above.  Are these the keys that lock out reason, logic and understanding of the world they live in?  Where reality of life and death is kept at bay!  Are we humans that weak minded and so insecure that we need to cling to myths the way a child holds onto his mothers skirt hem when frightened?