Interesting program on PBS in Colorado

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I saw an interesting program on PBS in Colorado recently.  I had never heard of this cult before.  It was a very interesting program.  It was not possible for me to completely discount what the cult members were after from a “simplicity of living” perspective.  There were many things about the cult that was repulsive, such as gender roles and xenophobia.  It follows parents of cult members traveling around the country attempting to locate their children who have joined.  Well done in my opinion.

Program Description from website:

God Willing
Tuesday, April 26 at 12:30 am on Channel 12.1
GOD WILLING is a new documentary feature directed by Evangeline Griego. The film examines the modern-day phenomenon of religious “intentional communities,” or as they are often called, “cults.” It ... takes as its focus “The Church,” also known as “The Brotherhood,” the 35-year-old ministry of shadowy messianic figure Jim Roberts. Since 1971, this secretive organization has recruited (hundreds) of adherents who live together in austere, separatist, communal groups, preaching salvation and damnation, and turning their backs on the outside world except when proselytizing for new members. They observe strict ascetic values and rigid standards of dress, presentation and gendered behavior, and live off of discarded food and other refuse. And they mutually reinforce the belief systems that brought them into the fold, including a focus on the narrow path to salvation, and obedience to the will of spiritual leader Roberts.

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