dogmas of Christinanity

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22 April 2006 13:28

What about the dogmas of Christinsanity? What do we say about the trinity.How can the god=head be three in one?If Yeshua is one with the other two ,how can he sit at the father's side.If Mary is the mother ,does she make it a quarternity.Did the Holy Spook pass on DNA to the son,Since he and MARY,did not wed,they committed a sin.What about the perpetual virginity of Mary?  How can Y eshua be both man and god? I f he could not sin,then why cannot all be sinless. Did he have free will then?If there is a heaven ,then why again cannot all be sinlesss here if there.And why if the dogma of free will so important, won't heaven be full of sinners forever? Why the dogma of the ways of a god are mysterious,that is supposed tianswer why there is anything at all in the first place? That makes a pseudo explanation for a psyeudo-problem in the first place.Why the dogma that the multiverse meeds explanation when that is to committ the fallacy of composition. The multiverse is just a brute fact. How can theists ask us to reject reason for the dogma of faith? Logic is the bane of theists and other dogmatists!