China - an experiment with Christianity.
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16 July 2011 19:49

With over one billion people in China, like the former USSR it is on the brink of a massive cultural change. The current regime is left with the dilemma of how to manage the situation and keep its power base. History has shown that for political regimes to survive they must be seen to keep pace with the people’s wishes whether they like it or not. The current position of the state communist party on religion is that it supports atheism, but the paradox here is how it is actively developing and managing a policy to control the rise of Christianity. The rise of the Christan faith may be simply down to taking on board the western culture ‘lock,stock & barrel’, a sort of defiance stand by the people, particularly when you take into account how the state has tried to subvert any belief system. This potential problem for the regime has ironically provided it with an opportunity to manipulate the situation to its own advantage by demonstrating to the rest of the world how it is allowing freedom of choice and better human rights. However the reality is probably far from the truth and just a smokescreen for the regime to use religion to continue to control the masses. Lets project forward fifty years and the likely scenario is China will look like the west, with a nation of bible preaching puppets. Yes, in the short term many western leaders purely for political purposes will be happy that Christianity rather than the Muslim faith has got a foothold….........but as we know all religions can lead to fundamentalism. Where China is heading is certainly uncharted waters!!