Sam,  take it easy buddy

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26 July 2011 06:44

You are spread way way beyond your capacity

You come across as straining to the point of popping a blood vessel

You are intimidated,  to the bone,  by Alan Wallace to whom you could never hold a candle,  so just relax,  trying to do so, especially with vitriol,  exposes your deep weaknesses.

Remain within your means and you will be far more effective.

YOu come across buffoonish in trying to exceed your means

You probably have a fine intellect,  don’t overdo it so much.  And get more other things besides gorilla type intellect

Some finesse would be really great.  That would make your mother proud.

It is likely you   got kicked around by academia after the usual emotional injuries in childhood ....  now your out and gonna really show em?

Really, if you are going to claim to know something about Buddhism go to a little trouble to learn something about Buddhism instead of swallow another superficial head trip like you have with Theravada watered down and packaged for sale .

Buddhism is about getting underneath the head trip to heal the emotions motivating things,  in your case,  gratuitous vitriol against another far superior scholar.

We need people of depth.  Your phony claim about buddhism make you a joke.

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10 May 2014 11:10

again YOU on to SAM.
you are jealous of him.
budism is no measure of anything.
nor are you.