The End of Religion

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22 April 2012 15:03

Q1.  Why does mankind create these religious doctrines???
Q2.  What pupose does religion serve for mankin’s survival???
Q3.  Is it the religious doctrine that has divided mankind or is it mankind deliberately chosing teams (religion/sects/etc) to justify killing (as a form of population control as needed, gene pool control as needed…). a form of gene pool control/manipulation .  innate but intelligent fluid adaption to mankind’se ev er changing environment   kind of like our tastes are ever evolving and what we find attractive in the opposite sex for mating purposes, ie 30 40 years ago meaty women were more attractive… the depression would make a man more attracted to a woman that was meaty because she is more apt to survive on less food.  educated men prefer lean women, he knows she does not need extra fat to survive… RELIGION is fluid with an anchor and mankind developed it over the millenium as a tool for survival… for the masses mind you.
Q4.  Is religion an instinct/genetic/innate to any degree as a survival mechanism???  an auto pilot system that encourages survival of the species???
Q5.  Is mankind mature enough to give up religion the pacifier the guiding light, the taming of the animal called man???