Photographs from recent U.K. demonstration

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13 May 2006 06:28

There is little that makes me more angry. Quoted from the email:

"Below are pictures of Muslems (sic)
who marched the streets of London
during their recent   Religion of Peace Demonstration.

These pictures have never been shown
in any of our American
newspapers or television news programs
because we should never appear to offend anyone!"

but I cannot seem to upload the images - keep getting "Invalid URI" message…any ideas anyone?

Ted Shepherd
Ted Shepherd
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13 May 2006 07:34

You can find pictures of the London demonstrations for the Religion of Peace <gag> here:  

The slogans on the banners included:
Freedom Go to Hell
Be Prepared for the Real Holocaust!
Your 9/11 Is On Its Way
Behead those Who Insult Islam
Slay Those Who Insult Islam
Exterminate Those Who Slander Islam
Massacre Those Who Insult Islam
Butcher Those Who Mock Islam
Annihilate Those Who Insult Islam

There we have the fetid breath of the Fourteenth Century.

Here’s the all purpose slogan generator for the Islamicists. Pick from list A and from list B to form slogans of this form:

A . . . those who . . .  B . . . Islam.

List A: kill, destroy, annihilate, asphyxiate, assassinate, blow away, bump off, butcher, chill, cream, croak, disembowel, dispatch, do in, drown, dump, electrocute, eradicate, erase, execute, exterminate, extirpate, finish off, garrote, get, guillotine, hang, hit, ice, immolate, knock off, liquidate, lynch, massacre, murder, neutralize, obliterate, off, poison, polish off, put away, rub out, sacrifice, skin alive, slaughter, slay, smother, snuff, strangle, suffocate, take, waste, wipe out, zap

List B: insult, abuse, abase, affront, aggravate, belittle, call name, curse, cut up, debase, degrade, deride, dishonor, disoblige, dump on, flip off, flout, gird, humiliate, injure, irritate, jeer, jibe at, kick around, libel, mock, nick, offend, outrage, pan, provoke, put down, revile, ridicule, roast, scoff, scorch, slam, slander, slight, sneer, snub, taunt, tease, underestimate, vex, wing, zing

Your anger makes perfect sense. Cool-headed active steps to protect ourselves make even more sense.