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21 May 2006 09:35

archaic minds crashing in

archaic minds in modern aircraft
archaic minds educated in modernity
but in spirit far from it
archaic fearful spiteful minds
  flying civilian weapons
sending a message as some put it
  ideological thumb firmly in ideological mouth
  god-book-blanky clutched desparately in what they insist
  is the right hand for that

towers still silently burning in our minds

the one and only truth
  flying deliberately
  smashing deliberately
  into lofty modernity's truth
pilots chanting of archaic righteousness
  even of transcendent compassion
    while crashing all the way in
sending a message as some put it
  book-bound servants kicking Goliath in the shin
  slinging stones at giants
  winged screaming complaints
    flung frantically up at heights of modernity

towers still silently burning in our minds

women clothed
  in black ghostly manly resentments
  of woman's innate powers
veils hiding that side of us
  from us
  from them
haunting women haunting women
  and men
women owned
  by that book
  the book even they themselves insist
    is in the right hands

towers still silently burning in our minds

the american empire as the new Moloch
  the devouring demon of modernity
making cultural minced meat out of all the rest
  a people of mythic proportions it would seem
a monstrous people
  the americans
  yet a people that also mourns its dead
  cradles its new-borns
  yearns for peace
  while insisting its own precious book
  is in the right hands

towers still silently burning in our minds

soon after that end
  soon after that beginning
the stink of that screaming crashing message
still strong in the air
the stink of those archaic minds using
creations of modernity for archaic ends
screaming of righteous transcendent compassion
the stink of those crashing rotting dogmas
and ours
the stink of our own fears of what's next
for each of us
and whether any of us deserves it
whether it be some long-awaited
  other-wordly back-pay for the blessed
  or judgement for somebody's idea of our
  and their

towers still silently burning in our minds

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

but in my dream-time
  I lift her veil
  she invites me
  she helps me
  lift it off of her
and she lifts off of me
  I invite
  I help her
lift off of me
  my own different veil
  a veil though of terror all the same

in my dream-time
she and I then dig a shallow grave for these
  shallow so we won't forget
she and I lay to forever-rest these veils of terror
  these smotherings of that other side of ourselves

in my dream-time
she and I finally
unveiled to each other
  stripped of our terrors
  standing there as we finally do
  atop that shallow grave we've dug for all that
  atop all those terrors now gone
  atop both those archaic books
    atop all the other archaic books too
  atop all those slings and arrows
  atop all those civilian weapons crashing
  atop all those screaming archaic pilots
    and their transcendent compassion

in my dream-time
she and I naked together finally
  naked to each other
  in a thoughtful daylight clear and bright
  light shared with my parents
  light shared with her parents
  light shared with the idea
  of our becoming someday parents ourselves
  all around us watching us
  all knowing as we know
  now all abandoned here together after all that
  what we must now do

in my dream-time
that woman and I
  ask each other
  eagerly courageously hopefully
  ask each other silently
  with hands and eyes and tongues
    but without words
    we ask each other:
      What's next for us?
      And do we deserve it?