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This turn-based board game features a map of the earth.  The object of the game is to take your game token from the start in East Africa (50,000 years ago) to the finish in Mountain View, California, year 2000 AD.  The sequenced, established roads may take you through Europe, Asia and Australia etc.  Let’s say each succeeding road tile your token could land on represents 100 years.

There are pitfalls to avoid!  Being anywhere near Spain during the Inquisition would be unlucky. 

There are little trailers included with the game that attach to the back of your tokens.  The trailers are colored, representing which faith you are subscribing to in any given year.  All players start out with a generic, nature-based mythology, “grey color” and then may change a few times over the course of the game.

The game is engineered such that as the game progresses, certain segments of the board will turn various colors.  For instance, all of India will turn Hindu orange around 8000 BC.  By the end of the game, the colors are fairly well delineated.  Europe is Christian blue, the mid-East is Islamic red and so on.  Your trailers color should match the color of the region your passing through, if not, then you are penalized to whatever degree that specific religion tolerates “the wrong colors”.  Being near a conflicted border region counts against you too.

You don’t have any control over which segment of the map you pass through.  That is decided randomly.  Every player will likely trod a separate path to reach Mountain View, Ca.

What is essential to remember during this game, you must wholeheartedly believe, profess, and behave according to your corresponding trailer color.  If not, then you will not get to Mountain View, Ca.

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Ja, it’s kind of suspicious how christians can supposedly convert non-believers through prayer. And God can apparently reveal himself to anyone.
Yet global religious demographics so obviously follow the ebb and flow of military conquests through history.