How to know God? And How to Hear God?

Shaikh Raisuddin
Shaikh Raisuddin
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22 March 2015 02:14

Let us call, “The Cause of All Causes” as God in terms of science.

Science says the Big Bang is the cause of all causes those exist today. Let us go farther and beyond Big Bang for “the cause”.

Things exist as they exist. Things behave as they behave. Our thinking gives judgement about them. And thinking becomes possible only by language either alphabetical or mathematical and both are erroneous. Neither there is any “noun” in the world that is not changing contrary to absolute and static meaning given by the language (Please refer paradox, The Ship of Theseus) nor 1 = 1 as assumed by mathematics because no two things are identical.

Let us learn “Language of Matter” to discover and hear God.

Let us first get rid of OPINION VIRUS before we are able to understand truth.

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