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25 March 2015 10:41

The end of faith is nirvana. The most difficult faith to end, is the faith in an independently existing self. This faith is derived from the belief in an individual immortal soul. Even though atheists may not like the words ‘immortal soul’, they can still be caught in the common cultural assumptions about the supposed individual person. Since our language is structured around a subject who is separate from an activity, all our verbal thoughts fall into this pattern. There are a couple of possible ways out of this pattern. One is scientific inquiry, which already tells us clearly that we consist of a lot of little things happening unconsciously together. Another way out is direct, subjective experience not mediated through thought.
Nirvana is not a source of pleasure, but it is a source of security. It’s like being completely sober, not indulging in any intoxicating tales. There is pleasure in life, as well as pain, and nirvana does nothing to dull either of those. I wish there was a word in English which means the same as ‘nirvana’, but at the moment I don’t know of any. There will be the language for it when enough people share the experience.