Poll: Should Jihadist minded people be removed from society

Yes- Great Idea!

No- Horrible Idea!


Are you crazy? They have the freedom of speech even if means threats to other peoples lives.

Are you crazy? It would be impossible!



Thou shalt not kill

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23 November 2015 07:36

Is expulsion a valid and more humane approach to dealing with Jihadists than using weaponry that surely ends in death?
Can a sort of Australia for jihadists be sane (whatever their religion or region of origin whether Sunni, Shite, Christian etc-)
I argue that s strict physical removal of threat if you will, is more a sane and effective solution than going through the heartache and consequence of taking lives directly.
Lets round em up and ship em out.

Debate-  keeping in mind that WAR HAPPENS, borders change, and land gained or lost is typical of warfare.