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If The U.S. Strikes First ?

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23 February 2005 13:30

[quote author=“global village idiot”][quote author=“Anonymous”]Yes all liberals are masters of grammar comprehension, everyone else is a log-headed idiot. Not everyone else. Just you.

Did you ever consider that when you compose your rhetoric and you bandy about terms that are irrelevant you would be called on it?

Of course I did. But in order to be “called” on it, the caller would actually have to understand the meaning of the terms, as well as their political and intellectual history. Clearly, you don’t.

Oh, I know, you can’t call a liberal on his/her hypothesis, this is a personal attack.

I never accused you of making personal attacks. I accused of agreeing with my hypothesis while thinking that you didn’t. Which you do.

Well buck up pal, no matter how much you whine we will continue to call you lefties on your blather.

Yeah, I’m shakin’.

I hereby invoke Sam’s principle of conversational intolerance.

Oh yes - this is great - you clearly don’t understand the “political and intellectual history” of the terms you use and then accuse others of ignorance.  Then you “invoke Sam’s principle….”  Its amazing how people of no faith grasp at straws and look for an icon to bow to - ie. Sam.  I can imagine a Leninesque statue of him in your courtyard.

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