The~MYTH~of "Human Missiles" Rapture

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19 February 2005 14:45

Sidenote: This writing (few snippets as an intro) contains some words, that may seem "churchy" for some. Yet… if one NOT put their focus there, and instead, look at the difference, between the traditional, boxed in, theological ducks in a row teachings, that induce fear, and promote exclusivism based teachings, you may be pleasantly surprised by the "essence" of what is shared. (of course we know that most people never agree with all of what someone else shares, which may be a good thing wink,still, it's a worthy, and timely writing, and certainly opens the door, for conversation, note also, that it is the mind, CONSCIOUSNESS, that is addressed)


In the twinkling of an eye-"Twinkling' is from the Greek word RHIPE meaning `a jerk' of the eyes. RHIPE is from the root RHIPTO, a word which indicates a sudden motion; to hurl with a rapid movement; a stroke; to toss; to fling. The twinkling of an eye relates not so much to "time" as it does to the ACTION and MOTION involved. It is not a question of how quickly the eyelids flutter, but the fact of a movement, a jerk, a change of direction, a SUDDEN REFOCUSING OR LOOKING AWAY. If I were reading a book and I heard the door open, I would swiftly dart my eyes in the direction of the door to see who is entering. I would LOOK AWAY from the book and quickly REFOCUS my sight on the person coming through the door. This abrupt motion, this sudden refocusing of vision, this rapid change of eye contact is what is "indicated" by the Greek word RHIPE."When our attention is unexpectedly attracted by a sudden burst of revelation and spiritual understanding there is that instantaneous `turning AWAY' from our FORMER CONCEPTS, beliefs, actions and ways, to behold and embrace the truth and glory of God disclosed by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. This sudden "change in perspective," this immediate transformation of ~CONSCIOUSNESS~  satisfies precisely the meaning of the Greek phrase—`in the twinkling of an eye.' It bespeaks vision, illumination, understanding, perception and perspective. Furthermore, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with a so called `rapture of the saints,' or the `second coming of Jesus.' Plainly and unquestionably it concerns O-U-R CHANGE, O-U-R TRANSFORMATION into the image of Christ. It says `NOTHING about us being `raptured' in the twinkling of an eye; what it does say is that `WE SHALL BE CHANGED in a moment (in atoms), in the twinkling (re-focused vision) of an eye.' Yet the preachers loudly proclaim on the basis of this verse that Jesus will return in a split second, and the saints will in a flash of time travel a trillion miles of miracle at the Rapture. ~It is as PURE A MYTH as ever entered the brain of man!" ~ End quote.
———————— would appear Ribera, Lacunza, Darby, Irving, and Scofield were right in their teachings of the rapture. We know, however, this concept came from carnal minds dealing with things pertaining to the Spirit. Coupled with this teaching came the heavenly Jerusalem coming down to earth (Rev. 21:10), assuming it was speaking of a "literal city." To get the true meaning of what is being said here, it is a must to see that it is speaking of SPIRITUAL things and NOT natural. For instance, ~how can the heavenly Jerusalem be a natural city when Hebrews 12:22 makes it clear that we have "...N-O-W COME…UNTO THE CITY of the living God, THE HEAVENLY JERUSALEM ?~"
THE RAPTURE is a term that is ~NEVER~ used in the Bible, although, there are many words and scriptures that do mean the same thing, and CAUGHT UP (HARPAZO) is one of those words. The World Book Dictionary gives us this definition of the word: "rapture: A strong feeling that absorbs the mind; very great joy. A feeling of being~ lifted high in mind and spirit;~ being filled with and completely taken up in feeling or delight or bliss." With this, I believe we would be justified in teaching about being "raptured" in ~mind and spirit~ as the word implies.
In a SHOUT (verse 16) comes from the Greek word keleuma which means, "a cry of incitement," and it comes from the word keleuo which means, "to urge on; hail; to incite by word, i.e. order." (Strong's Exh. Conc.). Therefore, a COMMAND TO BATTLE or A WAR CRY is what the Lord is appearing in. Let our minds be stirred at this time with a question: ~If we are ESCAPING~ from an enemy by-way-of ~a massive air-lift,~ just before Satan's wrath is turned loose on the world, then why would a war cry be given to us? When an army is incited to charge ~forward~ into battle they do NOT conquer, by ~leaving~ the fury of an enemy, but they win by attacking and overcoming, with superior forces. The Holy Spirit of God tells us eight different times in the book of Revelation what the inheritance will be to the ones who OVERCOME…not to those who run! There is a war to be won, dear saints, and the battle fields are in the regions of our own souls. (false concepts? my insert)
Not only… from the meaning of this word do we see that IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DIRECTION, such as being caught UPWARDLY into the air, but by taking note of how the original writers of the New Testament used the word also gives us definition of the word. Therefore, seeing that the word simply is telling us of a particular ~STATE OF BEING ~one might find himself—namely, in the disposition of being SEIZED, then it would be good for us to get our minds off of where "we thought" we might be GOING and on to WHAT WE ARE DEFINITELY BECOMING.
Caught up in the AIR~Air, as it is rendered in our study passage, comes from the Greek word AER, and according to Dr. Strong's Exhaustive Concordance it means, "TO BREATHE unconsciously, i.e. respire; by analogy to blow; 'air' (as natural circumambient)."
If the catching up, rather, being seized into the clouds of the air is to be a LITERAL event, then we might find ourselves in a peculiar situation. Note the word EVER: It comes from the Greek word "pantote" which means ALWAYS. It is telling us where we will be FOREVER, which will be with the Lord (this is good) but that LOCALITY is not so good, for it is in THE COLD CLOUDS OF THE SKY….

Think about it, F-O-R-E-V-E-R in the CLOUDS OF THE ATMOSPHERE OVER THE EARTH…to NEVER, N-E-V-E-R leave….

This would definitely produce some problems—not only would we become very damp and bored after awhile…