Catholocism and the Jews

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13 March 2005 02:48

Catholics to Continue Outreach to Jews

"NEW YORK (AP) -.... Opening their meeting with a prayer for the pope's recovery, church leaders affirmed declarations of the Second Vatican Council that transformed Catholic thinking about Jews, including the rejection of any collective Jewish responsibility for the death of Christ.

``That which happened during the passion of Christ cannot be blamed on the Jews of the time and certainly not on the Jews of today,'' said Brazilian Cardinal Claudio Hummes, addressing about 100 people at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, a Holocaust museum in Manhattan."

I have, since an early age, always been amazed at these kinds of comments which I consider to be a very basic lack of understanding of Christianity by the Catholic Church.

If the death of Christ was in fullfillment of biblical prophesy for the redemption of sins, then the destiny of Christ and the purpose of his life was to die on the cross. If this is the case then the Jews, being those demanding his death and therfore the fullfillment of prophesy and redemption should not only be "blamed" but also thanked and praised. Perhaps this "correct" perspective would have avoided some of the institutionalized anti-Semitism I wish I could get this.