No renewed declarations of Yahweh's judgment yet?

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31 March 2005 03:06

I'm surprised I haven't yet heard anything to the effect that the timing of the Indonesian earthquakes "proves" it's Yahweh's judgment on Moslems or Islam (or whatever). I guess the lack of comparative drama hasn't wound them up(?).

Anyone else heard anything?


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08 April 2005 15:19

No, but you gotta go check out the sites dealing with that “supervolcano”-under-Yellowstone-Park-themed TV movie that will be shown Sunday and Monday nights. There are several “end times” sites that are gleefully gloating over the prospect of Yellowstone going off like a gigantic car bomb and bringing about a worldwide catastrophe that would correlate with their little “armageddon” scenarios—3 Days of Darkness prophesized in the Bible yadda yadda yadda. It’s just chilling how ecstatic these people get over the notion of millions of the “not saved” dying horribly in various cataclysms while the Faithful, presumably, sit about in the clouds hob-nobbing with Jesus and enjoying the spectacle.


Too bad Yellowstone isn’t closer to the Bible Belt.

Meanwhile, the supervolcano special sounds pretty cool if you’re a disaster junkie like me. (Don’t laugh. I’d at least have known enough to get the heck off the beach last December.)