Defference to Religion

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03 April 2005 00:29

And so the sickening defference to relgion continues per:

The pope chanpioned the fall of communism and peace in the middle east?

I though economiic and philosopical failure championed the fall of communism.  What middle east peace are we talking about?

The only think this pope championed was the maintenance of more than a billion people in superstition, ignorance and poverty.

Sickening and ignorant defference indeed.

Stay well


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03 April 2005 05:50

At least the Pope’s death did us the favor of knocking that obscene, hideous, political comic strip/soap opera media feeding frenzy about that poor woman who’d been brain dead for 15 years off the TV. The mere fact that she’d finally died wasn’t enough; they were about to feature the fight over her funeral(s), autopsy, etc. for the rest of our natural lives.