The story of three friends

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14 November 2006 13:48


You went to high school and had three best friends. After high school everybody went his own way, and contact was lost over time.

As chaos might have it, you meet these friends again, and as since chaos will have its mysterious ways, in three consecutive days also…...

On the first day you bump into a guy who seems to live at the edge, in fact, on the street. And he recognizes you! You get to talk, and suddenly it hits you, it's Charlie, one of your best friends from back in the day…
He had a bit of problems (drug habit) and you decide to help him. Fast forward a bit, and you kept helping him until he was out of his slump and back to a better life. He kicked his habit (thank you for paying his rehab), and he can go onwards.
After all, that is what friends are for…..

On the second day you bump into George, who is talking to himself and other unseen beings all the time. He is, just like Charlie, living on the street.
Since you just read a book on this condition, you take him to a psychiatrist, and help him to get well, since there is some really good medication out there for such an illness.
After all, that is what friends are for…..

On the third day you bump into David, who looks very well off. You talk a little and then you find out that he is also talking to unseen beings. And not only that, he tries to help you see the error of your ways, you should also start talking to the unseen beings. And also, he says that you cannot get married since you are gay.
So, you start looking everywhere, is there a rehab clinic for David, a treatment of sorts? No, and that is when you decide to become an active atheist….., after all, that is what friends are for…..

Just a little story I thought of after reading the New Atheist article in Wired and Sam's Letter.

enjoy life!