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Has Anybody Charted Sam's Slippery Slope?

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06 January 2007 11:01

[quote author=“mudfoot”] I don’t see a qualitative difference between you and the zombies who follow Ted Haggard—except perhaps the fact that those people don’t pretend to base their beliefs on Reason. Which makes you worse than them.

This is the essence of the black hole that is the back drop of your debate mudfoot. You have the ability to state what appears to be a reasonable propsition and then fall into a state of adolesence when defending it. If differening points of view are so offensive to you I don’t understand why you chose to debate.

At the risk of being told my pants are on fire, what you say about Sam Harris misses the point. Christiany is populated with mostly well intented believers who’ve used the bible to rationalize doing both good and bad things throughout history. It is the fanatical fringe who is using Christianity as a tool for political, social and economic power with the unconscious blessing of quasi-Christians that is the threat to us all, both believers and non-believers.
If you will take an object look at these Reconstructions, you will discover that in the name of Christianity they aim to overthrow our democracy and put biblical law in its place. One of their main sources of funding is the tax-free cash flow from the mega-churchs and their kindly Christian supporters.
The influence of the fanatical Christian fringe ebbs and flows. However, it cannot and will not ever go away until it challenged directly by an enlightened population. We can debate the meaning of englightened, but fact based reality rather than mythical would be a good start. We ignore the power and influence of the right-winged fundamentalists at our own risk. They’ve already had a good shot at managing affairs in Washington for the past six years, judge for yourself.
That is the major theme of Sam’s book. I agree with him and we need lots more people like him who recognize and clearly articulate the threat of mixing dogma in the scientific age.

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