Lt. Gen. Rosa just sums it up in a single, short sentence

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21 April 2005 04:18

It seems the good, high ranking military officers tend to have a knack for that sort of thing.

[quote author="Lt. Gen. John Rosa" (Superintendent, USAF Academy)"]The problem is people have been across the line for so many years when you try and come back in bounds, people get offended.

It's about the religious nonsense going on at the Air force Academy , but it reflects the current US sociopolitical climate quite well, I would say.

Also notable is that, in spite of a 90% majority, Tom Minnery with Focus on the Family still manages to spin it as bigotry/discrimination against Christians—such is the nature of faith (its intellectually compromising power—and again, the reason Dawkins calls it a mental virus).


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21 April 2005 04:57

The most serious problem with the current fundamentalist movement in the US is that “christian” means “bigot”.

Oh well, there is always a backlash = )