Current Questions to Ask the Modern Day Democrat Heros

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24 April 2005 06:27

Questions that should be considered:

1) Bill Clinton actually used scripture to demonize Republicans (aka, Bush) several times in African American churches this past campaign season. Now he is working in tandem with the Republicans on tsunami relief, he also said he likes and admires Dubya. Question: What gives?

2) Howard Dean said he loved the read the bible, yada, yada, yada. One day when asked what his favorite New Testament book was, he said the book of Job (don't laugh, it is true!). Question, has he went back and learned the list of chapters so when he tries to pool the wool on how "religious" he is, he won't embarrass his party again?

3) Hillary recently said (paraphrasing here) 'the religious agenda some are trying to take America to, we will never stand for it, we will never ever go there…..' Question: if the religious agenda means that street gangs willingly lay down their weapons, drug addiction is curtailed, abortions not needed, laws are actually enforced, businesses flourish because of less gov intervention, which leads to more jobs, less unemployment….What do you suggest we do?

4) Tom Delay has been proven guilty in the court of the press. Question: Will Henry Reid, Barbara Boxer, and Hillary Clinton please open their accounting books to the press? (ya uh-huh, we already know there are major skeletons hiding there)

5) During his two terms, Bill Clinton rolled back Senate restrictions on selling sensitive rocket (and other) technology to the Chinese so "Friends of Bill" (FOB) could scarf up GENERATIONAL money by selling some of our most secret technologies to the communists. Who immediately pointed their missiles our direction. Question: Bill, how does it feel to have nuclear tipped missiles pointed at the US from mainland China? (hope you and your "friends" sleep well at night knowing that you sped up Chinas aerospace and nuclear missile program by 100 years…)

6) Hillary was the central figure in one of the worst scandals to be shoved under the press' carpet. During her reign as VP (sic), she had a number of long term White House Travel Office employees fired so she could give more jobs to her friends.  When they protested, a bogus story can out in the press that they were in trouble with the CIA, or was it the FBI? Anyway, those poor people who fired for no reason, then they had their reps sullied for no reason. Question: Hillary, did your friends enjoy their work at the Travel Office?

Don't get me wrong, I like Bill, have a grudingly respect for Hillary, don't dislike Dean, do dislike Reid (so far he's been a phoney). But I have so many questions, but so little time. Let's stop there for now.