John Shelby Spong and Temple Grandin

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26 April 2005 16:46

A couple of newly published books seem relevant to the spirit of these forums:

The Sins of Scripture, by John Shelby Spong. I've only just started it, but I'm already familiar with this extremely valuable and prolific author. He's a recently retired Episcopal bishop who examines Biblical texts with rigorous scholarly intent, as in The Jesus Seminar from Santa Rosa, California. His new book is readable to the extent that it's a pleasure read as much as an informative one.

Animals in Translation, by Temple Grandin is significant and relevant to this site because the author sees the world in an unusual way: she has autism, yet she is able to express herself with eloquence. Her ways of thinking, as described in this as well as her other two books, bring to mind Eastern approaches that benefit by way of clearing words from our existence, temporarily, when needed to achieve a novel approach toward life and its difficulties. Temple is world-renowned in her work and one of my favorite geniuses. She wrote her new book with extensive help from a writer who specializes in neuropsychiatry. Both of them have Ph.D.s, with Temple's in animal behavior.