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Sam's interest in Zen

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17 January 2008 07:25

Ant Story (the next epsidoe)

The numerous group of ants are still arguing about who among them knows the truth of the super-natural phenomenon of the hole appearing out of nowhere on the leaf which they reside.

A strong gust of wind blows the leaf off the twig and the leaf with the ants fell into the fast flowing river.

The numerous group of ants are in a dilemma for either they have to work with their opponents to try to bring the leaf back to the shore by rowing together or they could each continue arguing and wait for their true God to save them from the danger of the torrent water.

The trans-dimensional being while watching the ants reaction is truely amused and decided to drop a group of spiders onto the drifiting leaf floating on the river which the ants are now residing.

All of a sudden, the arguing group of ants now face another unknown creatures which appear out of nowhere on their drifting leaf.

The ants are awed by the appearance of the spider, some begin to argue that it is the massenger, others argue that it is evil, still some other argue that it is alien, yet none of the ants know what to do with the situation.

Will there be more of these strange creature appearing ? Should they fight ? Should they keep still ? Should they make friend with these new creatures ?

As the ants and the spiders do not share a common language, they are no way of communications, and little does the ants know that the group of spider is in the same confused state as the ants.

The readers in the forum can continue the story with their own imagination and experience.

But, please note that all the above is just a story from the imagination of a sentient being and thus never really happened except in the cognition of the beings who have read and thus have recollection and memory of the story.

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18 January 2008 17:59

Ant Story (the next epsidoe) part 2

There are infinite possibility to the continuation of the story as there are infinite number of sentient beings who may chance upon the story and would like to continue the story according to their cognition and imaginations.

The following is just one of the infinite possibility :

As the numerous groups of ants and the group of spiders stared at each other on the leaf with a hole drifting in the torrent river, the emotions run high and tense among the various groups.

Suddenly, one ant nearest to the edge of the leaf and another spider nearest to the other edge of the leaf notice that far into the horizon of the river, there is a sprialling vortex in the middle of the river and the leaf is surely going to be sucked into the vortex.

Both the ant and the spider screamed to their own kind and their simultaneous action caught the attention of the the rest of ants and spiders.

Suddenly, there is a common sense of danger and understanding of the real situation between the ants and the spiders. There is communication !

All the ants and spiders realised that the end is near and instinctively organised themselves according to their knowledge pass down from eons of experience programmed into their genes.

The ants began to start climibing onto each other and try their best to form a spherical ball of ants, hoping that some at the highest point will be able to reach higher ground and thus survie the inevitable vortex.

The spiders began to spin thier sticky webs and wrapped themselves and the entire leaf into cocoon, hoping that the cocoon would become the life capsules.

Meanwhile, the trans-dimensional being is truly amazed by the survival skill of the ants and the spiders and decided to provide a helping hand. He reached for the tree besides the river and break a branch and held it over the drifting leaf which the ants and spiders were on.

The ants and spiders noticed the branch which was dangled just slightly above the ant at the highest position of their survival ball.

The spiders and the ants suddenly come to the realisation that in order for all on the leaf to survive, the whole leaf toghether with the ants and the spiders must be lifted out of the river.

One brave spider decided to go against his natural instinct of fighting with the ants and decided to climb onto the sphere of ants to reach a higher position so that it can shoot its spider webs onto the branch and thus attaching the whole leaf to the branch.

The ants remained still against their fighting instinct and allow the spider to pass harmless so that the attempt can be made.

It was a success and the first strand of the spider web got attached to the branch. But one strand is not strong enough to hold the whole leaf onto the branch.

Soon, more and more spider started climbing onto the sphere of ants and started spraying spider web onto the branch and thus securing the leaf with the ants and spiders onto it.

Finally, the whole leaf with the ants sphere and spiders web are firmly attached to the branch offered by the trans-dimensional being.

The trans-dimensional being swing the branch away from the river and thus the leaf and its residents of ants and spiders finally reached the shore.

The ants and spiders were grateful for their lucky escape and decided that they would not fight anymore.

The End of one of the infinite possibility and version of the Ant Story (the next epsiode).

If the sentient beings who read the above do not like the ending, they can always decide their own version of the story.

In the end, whichever version it is, all is still memory and cognition of sentient beings.

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06 March 2012 05:57

Its been more than 4 human years since the narrow escapes of the ants and spiders on the leaf from the vortex with the help of the trans-dimensional being’s compassionate branch over the torrents of water.

However, 4 human years are like countless life time in ants/spiders years.

Generations of ants and spiders who are descendants of that special group of ants and spiders which worked together against their fighting instinct had come and pass on.

The lesson learned by their ancestors had become just legends and myth among the current generation of ants and spiders.
Many had forgotten that there were drastic time eons ago where the ants and spiders did work together for the survival of both species.

The trans-dimensional being watch the newer generations of ants and spiders going back to their fighting instinct and become ignorant of the past and move dangerously close to another major species threatening crisis.

The trans-dimensional being wondered whether he should intervene or just watch like a spectator as the hatred and mistrust among the ants and spiders grow with time and become more and more threatening to each other.

As the trans-dimenisonal being is pondering, his brain wave start reveberating into the consciousness of the ants and spiders, and the ants and spiders though speaking of different tongue, start to be able to understand and feel the pain, anguish, hatred, love, joy, compassion of each other through the consciousness of the trans-dimensional being…

(those sentient beings now reading this post can also start letting their consciousness viberate and let the ants and spiders understand each other and hopefully, avoid a crisis in the making…)


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