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12 May 2009 13:42

I’ve been looking through the biographies of the users on this site and I’ve noticed that there is a high number of teachers, or professors, or similar. There is a culture of academia, certainly, but it is in comparison to relgious culture, inaccessible. - You don’t have to take tests to become a theist, but you do to become an academic.

You also have to conform to the educational system to become an academic, right around the time biologically we are hard-wired towards a certain level of non-conformity - the teenage years -  defining yourself by testing societal norms. This phenomenon has even expressed itself culturally - I h8 sk00l.

So how can we make a culture of reason accesible to youth culture when the quest for individuality (and consequently rebellion) is the cornerstone of that culture?

Well, you don’t need to spend long browsing any internet forum before you come across a “FAIL” or “PWNED!” meme, the common denominator of which is stupidity - lack of reason. So I suggest subversively introducing youth culture to academic concepts through these memes.

All it would take is for one of their peers to find it funny before everyone else fires up google to know why it’s funny. Ahh, the ego…

It may not be big, it may not be clever, but hopefully it will spark an interest in someone otherwise ignorant to academic concepts or principles…

I’ve attached an example I was able to make after a 2 min Google image search….

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19 May 2009 18:58

love this. perfect combo of subversiveness, humor and hip factor. 

more! go viral marketing!