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Coen Brothers

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The Big Lebowski a great movie? Why? Now, No Country for Old Men, that’s a great movie.

The Big Lebowski is a great movie.  It has so much subtext of substance, yet it is a slacker comedy and an interesting crime story on the surface.  The characters are very memorable, the scenes and the antics are unforgettable. 

On the subtext, i’ll give just one example.  Did anyone else notice all the subtle references to the Gulf War throughout the film?  The movie is set during the beginning of the war.  The filmmakers are obviously chiming in on this war, and perhaps US policy in general, by modeling “The Dude” character after a real life anti-vietnam activist Jeff Dowd.  In the movie, “the dude” is a passivist and ex-radical.  The dialogue in the movie is aimed at outlining the difference between the “big lebowski,” a rich, traditional capitalist, and “the dude,” an ex-radical anti-war socialist from the 1970’s.  “the dude” in the movie is a shell of his former self, however, and seems to have largely given up on his political struggles.  They touch on this in the movie when “the big lebowski” taunts “the dude” when he is leaving his office in the beginning, “the bums lost.  Your revolution is over. The bums will always lose!”[/quote

Exactly. All of the Coens’ films have a lot of subtext, something that goes over a lot of viewers’ heads (don’t even get me started on Fargo). It’s absurd to dismiss the greatness of the film just because it’s a comedy. In my mind, the fact that it manages to be funny AND fairly deep just makes it that much better.

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