Guerrilla Advertising Campaign - Flyers/Pamphlets/Posters

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As a formally educated graphic designer, I count among my abilities the skill to create banners/flyers/stickers from scratch relatively easy and print them in large quantities (within reason *no pun intended)  I realize that anything done under the banner of The Reason Project, whether directly or indirectly couldn’t then be associated with any kind of vandalism, but there are legal places to post flyer advertisements,  and certainly passing them out never seemed to be a problem for “the others”. With the aid of some from my local group Bay Area Atheists/Agnostics/Brights/Humanists/Freethinkers. These flyers could be spread throughout the city rather quickly over the span of a few weekends or more (if necessary).

A PDF could be created and uploaded to participating groups all over the country who could then simply download the file, print them and propagate them in their own home town.  Of course, the content of said flyer/poster would need to be agreed on, keeping mindful that concise, clever and even subliminal advertising in some cases is the best way to go. Profound, humorous, and otherwise memorable phrases/slogans are preferred so in that vein (and just “spitballing” mind you)  I was thinking things like:

1.So God “Must Exist!” Because ..[x], Huh?

As a rule of thumb, it’s unnecessary to “go native” because you don’t understand something.

2.It’s All God’s Plan, Huh?

Tell That to Kate who has Asherman’s syndrome and can’t bear children, or Daryl who has Elephantiasis and spent prom home alone.

3.Out of all of the religions on the planet, why must yours be the “correct” one? Because you were told so?

4. Let’s say hypothetically, for the sake of argument, there was a “god” (creator) agent. Would he/she/it discriminate and/or favor its own creations based on the limited, restrictive, bronze aged doctrine of man? Can you honestly, within the limits of your capacity to reason logically, conclude that something so seemingly omnipotent and otherworldly, would bias itself only to a certain group of people, while ignoring or even punishing the rest? Does the breadth of your collective wisdom and intellect tell you, objectively, that if there were a god (as you were indoctrinated into believing as a product of your upbringing *which would be a different belief altogether if you were born in any number of countries) that the god would favor you and those who taught you of it/him/her? That holds up to the light of reason to you?

I’m curious to know.

5. Your “god” is an entity that you’ve created subconsciously that you’ve ascribed feelings of peace, happiness, bliss, security to.
You actually don’t need that “entity” to feel those things, by simply transferring those things to yourself. This is perfectly illustrated in people who are beaming with joy after leaving a session of guided mediation, hypnosis, cognitive therapy, or a after hearing a weekend of positive affirmations with a motivational guru.

These are just some quick examples. Obviously some need editing or may be deemed too offensive altogether, but you get the gist. The idea is that when most of at least the casual monotheists see these, and those like them, it invariably gets the wheels turning. Even if it’s sometime down the road, the sobering reality of these statements will hit them like a ton of bricks. And that’s job well done. I’d love to hear some feedback on this.  When talking about advertising, the method is comparatively cheaper, and certainly effective if devised and executed properly. The design would need to be bold, contemporary and sleek, of course. Something that “pops” in the veritable sea of advertising saturation that surrounds people daily.

This is something we’re doing in the bay area and continue to do, but nothing we’ve done under the auspices of Project Reason. Certainly a more nationally collective organized campaign could be more effective.

EDIT: This has now been scrapped and sort of consolidated with the info-graphics projects already underway with other members.

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