Question on translations and foreign languages

Eli Vieira
Eli Vieira
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12 August 2009 19:19

Hello, fellow rationalists.

I have just submitted an article by Jerry Coyne which I have translated into Portuguese.

I couldn’t find anywhere here any rule about publishing texts in a language other than English, as I have done.

I don’t think you would be pleased to see this website filled with texts you can’t read, but on the other hand more than 200 million people in the world speak Portuguese and potentially many of these would read this article.

And this article happens to be “Seeing and Believing”, a review about Kenneth Miller and Karl Giberson’s theist books on evolution.

So, all I wanna know is if my initiative has been appropriate or not (I have done it though the “print” option at the “media” menu).

Brazilian cheers,

Eli Vieira.